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I am Hauke, a developer.

Recent findings, tests, events, whatever

Concept: A user friendly form

While fiddling around with Vue.js, the single best Javascript Framework, I wanted to use vuetify to - well just because I wanted to. Vuetify can be compared to bootstrap enhanced with the google material design. It is made specifically for Vue.js which makes it very...

UX: Simpler navigation through content elements

We’ve recently launched a website for a franchise that specialized on removing mold within buildings. This topic brings a wide range of users: home owners, tenants and industrial companies.

Fitting AR objects into the real world

This post was supposed to be a bigger one, explaining how I went on and did the amazing thing of fitting my AR object into the real world without having it “pop out” too much.

Website security / hacking

Since I am building websites I wondered how a real “hacker” would hack a site. These fancy CIS TV-Show 3d animations are not the correct image, thats for sure. But other than that I just had a vague idea on how it worked. So the first thing I did was google “how to hack”. Well that wasn’t much of help.

Augmented Reality with Unity and Vuforia on Android

I always wanted to test out the AR possibilities that smartphones have nowadays. With all these fancy Virtual Reality headsets coming, I wondered if it is possible to create a similar experience while using the front camera of a phone. To archieve this, I simply cut a...

A-Frame: The 3D framework for web

A-Frame is a webGL framework which enables you to use basic html tags to build a scene. The framework is developed mainly by two employees at Mozilla. Behind the html is the javascript frameworkTHREE.js which sets the base for calculating physics and the 3d rendering....


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