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We’ve recently launched a website for a franchise that specialized on removing mold within buildings. This topic brings a wide range of users: home owners, tenants and industrial companies. These personas have individual problems like a damp cellar or leakage in a flat roof hall. To guide the different usertypes through a navigation results in a complex navigation very quickly.

General Navigation, specialized user guidance


To keep the navigation as simple as possible (only one level) we came up with a header element that the different users can identify with.

In that element you can choose between the three building types and from there choose where your problem is. The usually very complex menu structure is so simple that 85% of the users who click on a building type are also clicking on a link that is shown after.

The analytics data shows that the chance is twice as high of a user clicking on that header element than a navigation item. This shows that the users can identify themselves and their problems through the illustration and are moke likely to engage with the site that way.

Going a step further

The data also shows that most website users are home owners who have a problem with damp walls. The number of these users is so high, that we are going to change the header to guide them quicker and easier.